Review: Air Dolomiti Business Class

Air dolomiti business class meal, italian breakfast

Air Dolomiti is a regional airline based in Verona and Munich they operate as a partner of Lufthansa Regional. I flew business class to experience the onboard service on a flight from Milan to Munich.

Air dolomiti business class cabin

The “Settimocielo” inflight hospitality is a inflight food program the airline created for passengers to sample particular wines and food from select regions in Italy.

Air dolomiti business class meal, italian breakfast

On my morning flight, I was treated to a traditional Italian breakfast which consisted of Prosciutto e Melone (Cantaloupe and Italian Ham), two different types of Italian cheese, cold meats, fresh fruit, Italian crispbread, and a local Italian Jam.

The plate of deli cut meats and fresh fruit was fresh and served at a pleasant temperature. It was typical of the region and the design of the inflight meal tray and crockery was on brand.

Air dolomiti economy class snacks

The crew were great, courteous and professional. When I asked the flight attendant about what was being served in economy class, she promptly came back to show me.

Air dolomiti inflight shopping

You can purchase a range of inflight paraphernalia from Air Dolomiti here, including the airlines business class meal tray that is used inflight, a cabin crew apron and an economy class cup set which includes: 25 cutlery sets, 25 plastic tea or coffee cups, 25 plastic bowls for ice cream or fruit salad and 45 plastic glasses.


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