Review: Economy Class Meals on Thai Airways

Thai Airways inflight meal tray with rice, meat, and vegetables.

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I have flown numerous times with Thai Airways in economy class and have documented my experiences in previous articles (links to these articles can be found here, here, and here). In April 2022, I decided to visit some friends in Paris and Zurich, and I was pleased to discover that Thai Airways was offering excellent airfares from Melbourne.

I have found that the crew on Thai Airways are consistently friendly, welcoming, and attentive. While I have not found their Western cuisine offerings particularly exciting, I have always enjoyed their local Thai dishes, which are authentic and flavorful.


On my recent 8.5-hour flight from Melbourne to Bangkok, Thai Airways provided two meal services, both of which were served on meal trays. Many airlines are currently downsizing or eliminating their second meal services on certain flights, but Thai Airways has continued to provide this service.

For the first meal service, I selected the curry dish, which was delicious and accompanied by smoked salmon and a vegetable salad. The dessert was a chocolate mousse cake with a biscuit crumb. Additionally, some cheese and crackers were provided. Overall, I found this to be one of the best economy class meals I have had on Thai Airways. The chicken curry was particularly enjoyable, the rice was fluffy, and the quantity of food provided was generous.

Thai Airways inflight meal tray with rice, meat, and vegetables.

The second meal was served approximately 1.5 hours before arrival and consisted of chicken with beans and rice. There was no choice for this meal service, but it was substantial and also included pre-packaged fruit, almonds, and a cookie. While not as impressive as the first meal, I appreciated the airline’s effort to provide a satisfying meal for the second service.

A Thai Airways inflight meal tray with rice, asparagus, and other food items.

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On my journey to Europe, I had a lengthy transit stop in Bangkok due to a delay. Despite being tired, I was delighted to find that I had an entire row of seats to myself. I opted to skip the first meal service and slept for six hours instead. When I woke up I decided to break my routine and try the Western-style breakfast dish, which was a scrumptious frittata accompanied by savory sausage, hearty potatoes, fresh broccoli, and juicy tomato. While the Western-style breakfast dish was delicious, it goes without saying that the traditional Thai flavors reign supreme when it comes to onboard cuisine on Thai Airways.




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