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Ukraine international airlines meals are included in the price of your ticket on long haul flights, while on other flights you will need to purchase meals and snacks. The airline offers a buy onboard meal program for flights PS001-999, if you are travelling on these flight numbers, you can view the inflight menu below to see what you can purchase inflight. Complimentary meals are included in economy class fares to/from Kyiv and Almaty, Bangkok, Beijing, Colombo, New York, Delhi, Toronto and La Romana.

The only drinks available in economy class for free on long haul flights are water, tomato juice, orange juice and coffee. If you would like to drink or eat anything else, you can purchase items from the inflight menu.

To view the onboard menu here.


It’s possible for economy class customers to pre-order and pay for a meal on services where no meals are provided.

Meals can be pre-ordered on scheduled flights numbers from PS001-999.

You can view the entire pre-order meal program here.


Special meals are available on all international flights in business class and premium economy as well as routes from Kyiv to Almaty, Delhi, Bangkok, Beijing, New York, Toronto, La Romana  (PS 205) in economy class.

You can order a Kosher, Vegetarian, No pork, Spicy Indian Menu, Seafood (Only Business Class and Economy Premium Class) and child meal (2-10 years).

Request your special meal up to 36 hours before departure (50 hours for Kosher) by contacting the airline here. It’s always best to reconfirm special meals with the airline via their call centre.

On other flights, it’s possible to order special meals for a fee.


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