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Uzbekistan airways meals are included in the price of all tickets sold by the airline. Economy class passengers can expect to be served cold snacks, vegetable snacks, desserts, bread, hot drinks, soft drinks and alcohol (on select routes). The airline does not serve any pork products to customers inflight.

What to Expect When You Fly: Meals

Short-haul flights (up to 2 hours)

On short-haul flights, you’ll typically be served bottled water. Some airlines may also offer a snack, such as a bag of peanuts or pretzels.

Long-haul flights (more than 2 hours)

On long-haul flights, you’ll typically be served a hot meal. Expect to choose between a beef or chicken dish. You’ll also be served a salad, bread, water, soft drinks, and hot drinks.

Here is a typical menu on long-haul flights:

  • Meat snack
  • Vegetable salad or vegetable snack
  • Hot meal (a choice of beef or chicken)
  • Fresh bread and/or bun
  • Water, soft drinks
  • Hot drinks: black and green tea, instant coffee.
  • Dessert

Drinks- Juice, Water, Soft Drinks, Wine, Beer, all subject to flight routings.


The following special meals can be pre-ordered by contacting the airline directly, most meals require at least 72 hours notice to order.

Sure, here is a summary of the types of special meals:

Dietary Meal

  • Gluten-free meal (GFML): This meal is free of gluten and vegetable protein, which means it does not contain any foods with wheat, rye, barley, or oats.

Child Meal

  • Child meal (CHML): This meal is designed for children 2 years old and over. It is soft, easy to chew, and easily identifiable.

Vegetarian Meals

  • Asian vegetarian meal (AVML): This meal is vegetarian and flavored with Asian spices. It does not contain meat or fish, but may contain dairy products.
  • Vegetarian meal (VGML): This meal is strictly vegetarian and does not contain any meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products.
  • Raw vegetarian meal (RVML): This meal is made up of raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Vegetarian lacto-ovo meal (VLML): This meal is vegetarian and includes dairy products and eggs.
  • Fruit menu (FPML): This meal is a selection of fresh fruits.

Religious Dietary Choices

  • Hindu meal (HNML): This meal is spicy and does not contain beef, veal, or pork. It may contain lamb, poultry, fish, or milk.
  • Muslim meal (MOML): This meal does not contain pork, gelatin, or alcoholic drinks.
  • Kosher meal (KSML): This meal is cooked in accordance with kosher standards and has verifiable kosher certification.

Further information can be found here here, to book your special meal contact the airline here.


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