Vietnam Airlines

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Vietnam airline meals are included in the price of your ticket. On flights from Vietnam, Japan and Korea they offer a local meal option based on your arrival destination.

On most flights across Asia, one meal service and one beverage service will be conducted and on flights to Europe/Australia expect a minimum of two meal services plus additional beverage services.

On most flights there will be a choice of hot meals offered in economy class, if you have any dietary requirements you can order a special meal.


Meals should be ordered at least 24 hours before departure and can only be ordered on flights that offer a meal service. Kosher meals require at least 72 hours notice but may not be available on all flights. On flights between Vietnam and Malaysia all meals served are Halal certified.

The following special meals can be ordered:

Vegetarian Hindu Meal, Vegetarian Ja in Meal, Vegetarian Vegan Meal, Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal, Vegetarian Oriental Meal. Baby Meal, Child Meal, Hindu Meal, Kosher Meal, Moslem Meal, Bland Meal, Diabetic Meal, Gluten intolerant Meal, Low-Calorie Meal, Low Fat Meal, Low Salt Meal, Low Lactose Meal, Fruit Platter Meal, Vegetarian Raw Meal, Seafood Meal.

To book your special meal on Vietnam Airlines you can manage your booking here.

Further information regarding special meals can be found here.


Passengers will be welcomed onboard with a choice of water, watermelon juice or Champagne. Inflight menus will offer two appetiser choices, along with up to four main meal options, followed by a dessert service. The airline offers a number of signature cocktails as well as wine and Champagne from all over the world.

Expect fresh ingredients with bold and local flavours with handpicked ingredients. There will always be a Vietnamese traditional dish option offered, but also dishes inspired by your destination. Seasonal dishes are featured during special events throughout the year including Christmas or the German Beer Festival.


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