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Air France Jean Imbert economy class pre order meal

I completed many flights with Air France recently in economy, business and premium economy on short and long haul flights. The airline provides free meals and drinks on all flights, and you can upgrade your meal in economy and premium economy class for a fee.


Economy Class

This snack was served on a flight from Paris to Zurich, which has a flight time of around 55 mins. A great offering in economy class for such a short flight, it included a Le Kiosque Emmental Cheese baguette and the brioche was delicious.

Business Class

My flight from Paris to Dublin (Operated by CityJet) was oversold, and I was upgraded to business class, a nice surprise. On this flight of 1.5 hours, I received grilled meat and vegetables for the main with blue cheese and a raspberry cake for dessert.

air france business class meal

Premium Economy Class

Paris to Singapore

Air France is one of the only airlines in the world to offer free Champagne in economy class. Designer Eugeni Quitllet created all the tableware and Paolo Basso, who was named the world’s top sommelier in 2013 has personally selected all the wines and Champagne on offer. There are printed menus offered, and on flights ex Paris and a cone is served with a selection of sweets.

The meal that I selected for my flight from Paris to Singapore was the LENÔTRE option at a cost of €28.00.

air france lenotre meal

It included a starter of salmon pannacotta followed by Viennese chicken with piquillo chilli pepper, mashed potatoes, carrots and lemon. For dessert cheese and a Concerto from LENÔTRE, layers of chocolate flavours; mousse, biscuit, ganache, and chocolate crisp.

The meal was delivered before the service began, and my seat neighbour was intrigued by it. The presentation resembles a business class offering, and everything was exquisite. The most enjoyable part of the meal was the layered chocolate dessert which reminded me of an experience at Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris.

Two hours before landing the crew delivered breakfast consisting of eggs with spinach, brioche, yoghurt, fruit puree and orange juice. The portions were a little on the smaller side and slightly mediocre. However, it’s similar to what SAS offer in premium economy on their long haul flights.

air france premium economy meal

Singapore to Paris

I was impressed with the first meal service, it consisted of a pastrami salad, braised chicken with fettuccine and vegetables and a mint chocolate mousse. The braised chicken wasn’t to my liking; however, the fettuccine and vegetables were quite good.

air france premium economy meal

Two hours before landing the crew delivered breakfast consisting of eggs, sausage, hash brown, tomato, fresh fruit, orange juice, yoghurt, a bread roll and a croissant.

air france premium economy breakfast

It was a good meal, the toil foil didn’t help the presentation and the main meal lacked quality.

I was impressed with the airline and would fly them again; I found their crew to be courteous not only to me, but I also observed them interacting in a friendly manner with other customers too. The highlight was the Lentore meal, a great inflight meal experience. If you have the chance to do so, I highly recommend trying out one of these meals.

Disclaimer: The airline knew I was flying from Paris to Singapore, I paid for my flight ticket in premium economy class and paid for my meal, I did not receive any upgrades. The only special treatment given was a chauffeur BMW service at Paris airport to see how first-class guests are treated when in transit at Paris CDG airport. I had access to their lounge due to frequent flyer status.


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