Inflight Reviews


Here you’ll find the various inflight meal reviews on airlines that I’ve flown with. Find out what to expect when dining in economy or business class, take a behind-the-scenes look at inflight catering kitchens, as well as new inflight catering concepts and anything related to airline food.

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An airplane is parked at an airport.
The Porter Airlines Review & Experience
A tray of vegan airline meals on a table.
Jet-set Veg: 10 Airlines Mastering Vegan Airline Meals
The wing of an airplane.
KLM’s A La Carte Experience: Splurge or Save?
A tray of food on a plane.
Air India Food Review
a large jetliner sitting on top of an airport tarmac.
Review: Japan Airlines Economy Class Experience
a plate of food on a table on an airplane in first class
Saudia First Class Experience
Cathay Pacific economy class review featuring a tray of food with rice, meat, and vegetables.
Cathay Pacific Economy vs Premium Economy Dining
a large jetliner sitting on top of an airport tarmac.
Hong Kong Express Airlines Experience
A Virgin Australia menu featuring a plate of food on a tray on a plane.
Virgin Australia Inflight Meals: Dining in the Sky
a large jetliner sitting on top of an airport tarmac.
Qantas Inflight Meals Review: All You Need to Know
Eva Air Business Class Breakfast
Eva Air Business Class Review – One of the best?
A tray with three bowls of food on it, served during the Saudia business class experience.
Take a Virtual Tour of Saudia Airlines’ Business Class
An Economy Class meal box on Malaysia Airlines.
What it’s like to fly with Malaysia Airlines
air canada economy class hot meal
Experience the Air Canada economy class service
air france terminal 2F lounge bistro
Exploring the Amenities at the Air France Lounge Paris
Aegean Airlines food review featuring a sandwich and salad tray.
Review: Aegean Airlines Business & Economy Class Experience
singapore airlines economy class meal
Singapore Airlines Economy Class Cutbacks
Thai Airways inflight meal tray with rice, meat, and vegetables.
Review: Economy Class Meals on Thai Airways
a plate of food on a tray on an airplane.
Review: Turkish Airlines Economy Class
a man taking a picture of a group of people on an airplane, with airline food in view.
Review: REX New Boeing 737 Service
ana airlines business class meal
Review: ANA Business Class Meal Experience
lufthansa a la carte dining
Review: Lufthansa Economy Class Dining
swiss airlines aircraft zurich airport gate gourmet
Review: The Swiss Experience
tap economy class meal
Review: TAP Portugal Economy and EconomyXtra
Thai Airways Catering Restaurant
china airlines meal economy class
Review: China Airlines Economy Class
garuda indonesia economy class meal
Review: Garuda Economy Class
westjet economy class meal
Review: The Westjet Economy Class Experience
citilink dining experiences meal
Review: Citilink Dining Experience Jakarta to Bali
Aegean airlines business class starter
Review: Aegean Airlines New A320neo Business Class
Emirates economy class meal
Emirates Economy Class Food Review
Eva Air Business Class Honey Chicken Meal
Review: EVA AIR Business class
Thai Airways Economy Class Meals
REVIEW: Thai Airways Economy Class
Qatar Airways economy class meal
Review: Qatar Airways
Air Vanuatu ATR aircraft Noumea Airport
Review: Air Vanuatu Economy Class Noumea to Brisbane
spirit airlines aircraft
Review: Spirit Airlines Meals and Onboard Snacks
Air Calin Inflight Meal Economy Class
Review: Air Calin Economy Class Sydney to Noumea
Thomson/TUI inflight meals economy class short haul
Review: TUI UK Airline Food Experience
Alaska Airlines Pre Order Meals
Review: Alaska Airlines Pre Order Meal Review
EXPERIENCE: Delta’s New Inflight Service in Main Cabin
Qantas business class soup starter
Review: The Qantas Domestic Experience.
Jetstar Premium Pre Order Meal Singapore
Review: Jetstar Asia Meals
Bangkok Airways economy class meal Bangkok to Phuket
Review: Bangkok Airways Economy Class
bamboo airways meal economy class
Review: Bamboo Airways Vietnam
chicken schnitzel pegasus airlines economy class meal
Review: Pegasus Airlines
Turkish airlines business class entree
Review: Turkish Airlines Athens to Montreal
Aeroflot premium economy class meal
Review: Aeroflot Premium Economy and Economy Class.
SAS Scandinavian airlines Cube inflight meal
The Best Airline Food 2018
scoot airlines pre order meal
Review: Scoot Airlines Economy Class
Aegean airlines aircraft catered by Newrest catering at Athens Airport
Review: Aegean Airlines Business & Economy
Turkish airlines aircraft serviced by Do&Co inflight catering truck
Review: Turkish Airlines Economy and Business Class
Royal Air Maroc business class meal with prawns and salad
Review: Royal Air Maroc Economy & Business Class
Vienna to Amsterdam with KLM business class meal
Review: KLM Business Class Europe
Condor pre order meal economy class absolute one
Review: Condor New Meal Concept
SAS Scandinavian airlines Cube inflight meal
Review: The Cube on SAS
Jet2 pre order inflight meals
Review: Jet2 Meals
Finnair business class inflight meal
Review: Finnair Europe Business Class
Air Asia lasagna pre order meal
Review: Air Asia Meals
Air Tahiti Nui Meals Economy Class
Review: Air Tahiti Nui Economy Class
virgin australia economy class snacks
Review: Virgin Australia Economy Class Domestic
Qantas cabin inflight A330 Melbourne to Sydney
Review: Qantas and Jetstar Economy Class
singapore airlines book the cook lobster thermidor
Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class
Singapore airlines business class kids burger meals
Review: Singapore Airlines Long Haul Business Class
Business class meal on Tarom Airlines
Review: TAROM Airlines Business Class
Air France Inflight Meal Business Class
Review: Air France Business Class Europe
Air Europa Inflight Meal Business Class
Review: Air Europa Business Class Europe
Aeromexico Boeing 737 at gate at Mexico City Airport
Review: Aeromexico Economy Class
Air Baltic wing and engine view
Review: Air Baltic Business and Economy Class
vanilla air inflight meal bento box
Review: Vanilla Air Economy Class
hello kitty eva air meal
Review: Eva Air Hello Kitty Jet Premium Economy Class
Hawaiian airlines inflight meal business class
Review: Hawaiian Airlines First and Business Class
croatia airlines business class meal
Review: Croatia Airlines Business Class
swiss first class main meal
Review: Swiss First Class Experience Long Haul
air serbia economy class main meal breakfast
Review: Air Serbia Economy Class Long Haul
alitalia business class meal
Review: Alitalia Business Class Europe
wow air meal
Review: Wow Air Iceland
Norwegian Airlines meals onboard
Review: Norwegian Air European Flights
condor airlines business class meal
Review: Condor Airlines Business & Economy Class
TAP Portugal business class breakfast
Review: TAP Airlines Business Class Europe
austrian airlines do&co inflight breakfast pre order meal
Review: Austrian Airlines DO&CO Breakfast
Delta First Class Inflight Meal
Review: Delta Airlines First Class Meals
Air Europa business class meal salad
Review: Air Europa Business Class Europe
Vistara Airlines premium economy class meal
Review: Vistara Premium Economy
azores airlines business class meal
Review: Azores Airlines Business Class
KLM business class meal on european flights
Review: KLM Business & Economy Class
Batik Air business class inflight meal
Review: Batik Air Business Class
Go Air India business class meal
Review: Go Air Business Class
sas business class starter
Review: SAS Business & Premium Economy
Spicejet economy class meals
Review: SpiceJet India Domestic Economy Class
air india economy class breakfast
Review: Air India Economy Class
Air France Jean Imbert economy class pre order meal
Review: Air France Economy & Business Class
Jet Airways economy class meal
Review: Jet Airways Economy Class
Norwegian airlines premium economy class meal
Review: Norwegian Long Haul Meals
Malaysia airlines inflight satay business class
Review: Malaysia Airlines to New Delhi
indigo airlines meal
Review: Indigo Airlines
Xiamen airlines business class salad
Review: Xiamen Air Business Class Long Haul
Thai Airways airplane interior with purple and red seats.
Review: Thai Airways Business & Economy Class
swiss airlines business class meal
Review: Swiss Business & Economy Class Europe
Thomson/TUI inflight meal
Review: Thomson/TUI Airways Short Haul
Lan Chile business class inflight meal salad
Review: Lan Chile Business Class Madrid to Frankfurt
jetstar cabin
Review: Jetstar Economy Class Long Haul
asiana inflight breakfast business class
Review: Asiana Airlines Business Class
korean air breakfast business class
Review: Korean Airlines Business Class
united airlines business class steak
Review: United Business/First Long Haul
transaero business class meal pasta
Review: Transaero Business Class Medium Haul
Flyniki economy class pre order meal
Review: Fly Niki Austria Economy Class
Icelandair business class meal, raw food cake, chips and toasted focaccia.
Review: Icelandair Business Class
Aegean airlines business class inflight salad
Review: Aegean Airlines Business Class
Sas Scandinavian airlines inflight pizza
Review: SAS Economy Class Europe
Air Lithuanica economy class inflight meal
Review: Air Lithuanica Economy Class
jetblue inflight snacks
Review: Jetblue Economy
Thai Airays economy class meal, salmon salad with fried noodles and cake
Review: Thai Airways Economy Class
Hong Kong Express Airlines pre order meals.
Review: Hong Kong Express Pre Order Meals
Hong Kong airlines business class meal tray
Review: Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Short Haul
Air Baltic business class meal tray
Review: Air Baltic Business Class
Sri Lankan airlines economy class meal
Review: Sri Lankan Airlines Economy Class Long Haul
Brussels airlines economy class inflight menu
Review: Brussels Airlines Long Haul Economy Class
Air dolomiti business class meal, italian breakfast
Review: Air Dolomiti Business Class
Pegasus airlines inflight sushi meal
Review: Pegasus Airlines
Aegean Airlines business class starter
Review: Aegean Airlines Economy & Business Class
British Airways business class meal sandwiches
Review: British Airways Business Class
SAS inflight meals economy class pork fillet salad
Review: SAS Europe Economy Class
easyjet hot food offering
Review: easyJet inflight meals
Swiss Airlines business class meal tray
Behind the Scenes: Swiss Inflight Catering
Icelandair business class meal preparation
Review: Icelandair Economy & Business Class
Japan Airlines collaboration with KFC inflight meal
Review: Japan Airlines KFC Meal
Air Asia inflight meals
Review: AirAsia Short Haul
Bangkok Airways economy class meal
Review: Bangkok Airways Economy Class
Peach Airlines inflight meals
Review: Peach Japan Meals
Scoot Airlines economy class meals
Review: Scoot Biz Meals
Finnair business class meal tray offering
Review: Finnair Business Class Europe
Air Berlin business class entree
Review: Air Berlin Long Haul Business Class
Norwegian Airlines meals
Review: Norwegian Long Haul Economy Class
Singapore Airlines Book the Cook Steak
Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class Medium Haul