Review: Alaska Airlines Pre Order Meal Review

Alaska Airlines Pre Order Meals

I’ve wanted to experience Alaska Airlines for quite a while, so on my recent trip to the US, I made sure that I booked a transcontinental service to check out their pre-order meals.

Alaska Airlines LAX tarmac

Alaska offers two classes of travel in economy class, a premium economy class and standard economy class. In premium, the airline offers free alcoholic beverages, extra legroom and enhanced snacks, and I ended up paying an additional USD$99 for this service. Both cabin classes do not include free meals, even though some of their competitors like Delta do.


You can pre-order from a range of meals via their app, which is available to you about three weeks before departure up to 20 hours before your flight.

Alaska Airlines pre order meal options

I could choose from the Charge Up Protein Platter, Fall Harvest Salad, Signature Fruit and Cheese Platter or a Smoky BBQ sandwich. I ordered the protein platter and the harvest salad, each costing USD$9.50 each. I didn’t have to pay when ordering thru the app; instead, I paid with a credit card inflight once the crew delivered my meals inflight.


Fifteen minutes after takeoff, the cabin crew completed a water service for everyone in premium and main cabin. Thirty minutes into the flight passengers were offered a tablet rental service which cost $10 and included free headsets.

Forty-five minutes after takeoff, the main meal service commenced, in premium economy, there was a choice of Peatos chips or a Kind bar. I read on the airlines’ website that the inflight service offered enhanced snacks in premium. Perhaps I shouldn’t have expected them to provide something more substantial.

Alaska Airlines Peatos premium cabin snack

In the main cabin, they offered everyone Biscoff cookies.

Here’s a look at the inflight menu that was current when I flew with the airline in November 2019.

I was impressed with my pre-order meals when they were delivered.

The protein platter was very filling, so it was challenging to finish the salad. The platter included a delicious red pepper hummus with some pita bread, cheese, carrot, egg and almonds. If you’re looking for a healthy filling inflight meal, I highly recommend this product.

Alaska Airlines Pre Order Meals

I enjoyed the harvest salad, especially the feta that was scattered throughout. There was also roasted butternut squash, quinoa, turkey, spinach, kale, pecans and the dressing was a rosemary vinaigrette.

My seat neighbour ordered the cheese platter, and I took some photos of the product. This product is one of the most popular items that Alaska Airlines sells.

Alaska Airlines cheese plate

The crew completed the inflight service 1.5 hours after takeoff and it took them 1 h and 15 mins to complete. An additional drinks service was completed 2.5 hours into the flight, and just before the descent into New York’s JFK airport, the crew conducted a water service.

I can only praise the crew on this flight; they were happy to be at work, delivered the service with professionalism and were proud of the product offering. I enjoyed the pre-order meals and suggest the next time you take a flight with Alaska you pre-order one too.


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