Review: Austrian Airlines Pre Order Meals Economy Class

Austrian airlines japanese meal economy class upgrade meal by Do&Co

Austrian Airlines is not only known for their fantastic coffee menu in business class, but also for these fabulous pre-order upgrade meals for economy class passengers. These are some of the best pre-order meals you will get in economy class, without a doubt. The quality of the food is outstanding, the presentation is always sharp, and most importantly, they are all great tasting. If you’re hungry for more you can read more about the delicious breakfast meal concept here.

Note that Austrian Airlines have discontinued their A la carte pre order meal service.


Austrian airlines japanese meal economy class upgrade meal by Do&Co

A Japanese bento box consisting of edamame, selection of sushi, wild salmon avocado tartar with yuzu ponzu dressing, duck breast masao, sakura salad, soy sauce and mousse au Chocolat. When compared to other pre-order meal concepts in the marketplace, these dishes offer fantastic value for money and an exceptional tasting product.

Austrian airlines japanese meal economy class upgrade meal by Do&Co

I loved this menu; it’s probably one of my favourites and an excellent culinary experience for economy class. Everything was fresh, presented beautifully and tasted great.


Austrian airlines schnitzel meal economy class upgrade meal by Do&Co

The schnitzel offering is a deep-fried chicken with a creamy cucumber and potato salad, mousse au Chocolat and fresh bread. There’s so much attention to detail here as well as the proper glass, the lace covering the lemon, so you only get the juice on your meal, not the pips. The bread appears as though it came straight from the local baker.


best of mezze Austrian airlines

This Middle Eastern inspired dish features Hummus, Tabouleh, Baba Ganoush, Mutabel, Stuffed Vine Leaves, Eggplant Tomato Salad, Haydari salad, Beetroot with Goat cheese, Fresh Bread and Dessert. It’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for something light and fresh to eat inflight.


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