The Best Airline Food 2018

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As this year comes to a close, it’s time to take a brief look at the airline meals that I experienced this year. Here is my top 10 list of the best airline food that I experienced on 53 flights this year.


On a flight from Istanbul to Montreal in early December, I was fortunate enough to sample their business class catering. Their inflight chefs bring some flair and fun to the inflight meal experience, and I loved my Turkish Ravioli dish, and the Fig chocolate mousse was outstanding. I’ve written about their meals before, and I still believe they have some of the tastiest inflight meals in the world.


I was so excited to fly with ANA as it was my first time experiencing the product. The service was outstanding, I loved their boarding music, and the food was fantastic. I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo and sampled their excellent Japanese inflight menu, seafood featured heavily in this menu. Everything was fresh, tasty and served by such delicate cabin crew.


I have flown with JAL in economy class previously, but this time I booked business class. I loved how this bento box was served, and it was packaged perfectly like a gift. Chef Jun Kurogi from Shibadaimon in Tokyo created the meal. It was all delicious and enjoyable inflight meal experience.


Whenever I fly to/from Greece, my preferred choice is Aegean, their crew is fantastic, and the meals are excellent. It’s always a great experience with creative inflight menus in business class. These pancakes were so fluffy and tasty, probably one of the best inflight breakfast offerings I have had ever.


Even in economy class, Aegean offers some of the best tasting (and still free!) meals. Meals like this are a bit of a rarity flying across Europe these days. Below is from a flight from Brussels to Athens.


Back to Turkish Airlines again. This time economy class. While their business class meals are outstanding, their economy class meals are also some of the best in the sky. Very few airlines offer tasty economy class meals as this.


I love flying with SAS, and this flight from Zurich to Stockholm is no exception. These economy class meals (offered on European flights) are great for two reasons: Creative packaging and creative ingredients. More importantly, the ingredients are fresh and local.


I flew Condor several times this past Summer and was able to sample their new meal concept for economy class. It’s different from what other airlines serve, the packaging is unique, the meal portions are quite large, and the meals are very well priced.


My first time flying with Aeroflot, and this economy class meal impressed me. It was served between Moscow and Athens, and I was shocked at just how much food was provided. I enjoyed the Praynik, which is a Russian spiced cookie, and the hot meal and salad were excellent.


I had not flown Swiss long haul for quite a well and was pleasantly surprised at this economy class meal. The main meal was served piping hot, the chicken was delicious, as was the chocolate cake. For such a short flight, I was impressed with the number of meal services and food served.



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