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EasyJet is a low-cost airline with three different airline brands operating across Europe and the UK.

Does EasyJet Provide Meals and Drinks?

No, EasyJet offers a buy-on-board food and beverage service instead of complimentary meals on its flights. Passengers can choose from a selection of items available for purchase during their flight, including snacks, sandwiches, salads, hot beverages, and soft drinks.

EasyJet Brands

Each brand of EasyJet offers a slightly different inflight menu:

  • EasyJet UK: If your flight code is EZ, you are traveling with EasyJet UK, and the inflight menu can be found here.
  • EasyJet Europe: If your flight code is EC, you are traveling with EasyJet Europe, and the inflight menu can be found here.
  • EasyJet Switzerland: If your flight code is DS, you are traveling with EasyJet Switzerland, and the inflight menu can be found here.

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Menu Variety

The buy-on-board menus typically include a range of options to cater to different tastes and regions. Passengers may find choices like sandwiches, wraps, snacks, and sweets.

Payment Methods

Passengers can pay for their in-flight meals and drinks using credit/debit cards.

Inflight Vouchers

Passengers traveling on EZ flights can pre-purchase inflight vouchers to use for onboard sales. Buy a £10 voucher for just £8, enjoying a 20% discount. Simply add a voucher to your booking via the easyJet website.

Please note that vouchers are for single use, and no change will be given for voucher-only transactions. Make sure to utilize the full credit available on the voucher(s). These vouchers can also be applied to additional promotions, such as meal deals.

Your vouchers will be accessible on your boarding pass, so when ordering food or drinks, be sure to present them to a crew member.


EasyJet is currently working on a new pre-order meal program which should be launched soon. Details will follow once announced!

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