Review: Icelandair Business Class

Icelandair business class meal, raw food cake, chips and toasted focaccia.

Icelandair has introduced a new range of pre-order meals for business class customers and some changes to the inflight service and meal choices. On the following flights, I experience the business and premium economy class.


On the business class menu today is a chicken spelt ciabatta bun with red curry, spinach and tomatoes served with a raw food cake with peanut butter, and a plate of crisps.

Icelandair business class meal, raw food cake, chips and toasted focaccia.

Toasted bread can either be soggy or hard at 35,00ft, but the ciabatta bun was crispy, hot and full of flavour. My favourite part of the meal was the delicious raw food cake which was fresh and mouthwatering.

The meal might seem substandard for a business class, however, the airline allows you to pre-order a meal from a range of truly unique Icelandic dishes.


Days later I flew back on Icelandair in economy momfort (which the airline has since removed) to Amsterdam. Economy comfort passengers can select whatever they want from the Icelandair Buy on Board menu at no cost. When asked what I wanted to drink I ordered a cup of coffee, which arrived promptly.

Icelandair inflight snack and coffee

I wasn’t given a choice of meals and instead, the crew member handed me Pringles. I thought it was a little odd so I waited a while and then asked if it was possible to purchase some oats for breakfast. My request was never followed up and I decided not to chase the crew member about it.

Regardless of what happened, I still enjoy flying the airline. They offer a good range of pre-order products for economy class passengers and an interesting onboard menu is available inflight.


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