[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]AS is hoping to improve your experience onboard with a range of new meal options for passengers travelling on SAS Plus fares. SAS offers two different types of airfares for passengers travelling within Europe; the first is SAS Go and the second SAS Plus. SAS Go does not include complimentary meals while SAS Plus does include meals (plus some other benefits too).

For those travelling in SAS Plus, an upgraded evening meal will be served in a newly designed box which features glassware from the famous Scandinavian glass maker Orreforsglass. On flights before 9 am free breakfast is served to SAS Plus customers and during the day meal offerings may include warm and cold snacks.


SAS Go passengers will have the opportunity to purchase a range of new meals options from the onboard cafe, which you can view here: Passengers can use SAS Euro Bonus miles to make inflight meal purchases also.

The onboard cafe will be updated regularly with seasonal options for passengers to purchase, and the airline still offers coffee and tea for free on SAS flights.

Pre-departure champagne is being re-introduced in business class along with other treats, while SAS Go includes pre-departure still water and one non-alcoholic drink together with meals. Alcoholic beverages are included in SAS Business and SAS Plus but are for sale in SAS Go.


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