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Air Asia inflight meals

I flew from Singapore to Phuket with Air Asia via Kuala Lumper to sample the airlines’ pre-order meals, these meals are the cheapest your money can buy, and the airline offers quite a large range of meals for pre-order. 

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I ordered the following meals on each sector:

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur- Sweet and Sour Fish with Flavored Rice and the Chicken Satay.

Kuala Lumper to Phuket- Nasi Lemak and to drink the Mat Kelapa (coconut drink).


Singapore to KL is a quick hop, it seemed rushed, which is expected due to the short flight time. I was impressed that the cabin crew have time to heat, deliver and complete an inflight service on such a short sector.

The packaging’s great and the professional photos on the outside look appealing, however once opened the meals look drastically different. The chicken satays didn’t present well, were tough and chewy to eat, and the taste wasn’t that great. However, I’m impressed with the sweet and sour fish meal, and it’s tasty with a nice mix of salty and sweet flavours.


air asia inflight meal

I’d read good reviews about the Nasi Lemak on Air Asia, so my expectations were somewhat high. However, it doesn’t look appetising at all; the hard-boiled egg yolk looks slightly green. The overall taste of the dish was quite average, I’m not sure if it’s my taste buds or the meal itself, but I found that the dish lacked any quality.

Air Asia inflight meal Nasi Lemak

The Mat Kepala though is delicious, sweet, fresh and something unique to drink inflight.

Set your expectations low, the meals are very well priced, so don’t expect first-class dining, for the price you can’t go wrong though.


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