Review: Hong Kong Express Pre Order Meals

Hong Kong Express Airlines pre order meals.

Hong Kong Express is a low-cost airline based in Hong Kong flying to destinations in Asia, meals are not included in the price of your ticket. Customers can pre-order or purchase meals onboard. I flew from Hong Kong to Kunming, China and arranged to sample six inflight dishes from the airlines’ pre-order range.

Options included:

Hong Kong Style Baked Pork Chop with Fried Rice.

Chicken Curry Rice.

Korean Style Beef Rice.

Peking Style Roasted Duck Wrap.

Dim Sum set with Oolong Tea.

Mini BBQ Pork and Chicken Pies.

Pre-order meals are priced from HKD 40.00 up to HKD 60.00 (USD 5.00+) offering incredible value, in my opinion.

Hong Kong Express Airlines pre order meals.
Hong Kong Express Airlines pre order meals.

The Korean Style Beef Rice (left-hand side in the middle) was my favourite dish along with the Dim Sum set with Oolong Tea. The Dim Sum Set is a typical Hong Kong Style Breakfast which was quite good. All meals can be purchased with a hot drink enabling you to save money as part of a combo deal.

I was impressed with the pre-order program offered by the airline, inflight the airline offers a great buy onboard menu with an assortment of meals and snacks for purchase. The inflight service was attentive, the planes were clean, the food was delicious and provided lots of variety.

A big thanks to the inflight catering department at Hong Kong Express Airlines for providing the meals to me, all opinions are my own.


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