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This was my first experience with Jetstar International, and I was looking forward to experiencing their pre-order meal service. I took an overnight flight in economy class from Melbourne to Tokyo on Jetstar flight JQ23 and ordered my meals before my flight.

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Jetstar is a low-cost airline, and some of their fare levels such as Jetstar ‘Starter’ fares do not include meals; however, you can upgrade to the ‘Plus Bundle’ option which will include meals. Generally, on Jetstar A330 or 787 services, you will receive your hot meal during the first service, and a continental breakfast offering or evening snack usually before you land.

During the booking process, you can select your meal choice, the cost of the meals is AUD$24.00.

Jetstar economy class pre order meal

Not long after takeoff, the cabin crew delivered meals to passengers who pre-ordered. My first meal was a Panko-crusted chicken schnitzel served with rice, greens and wasabi sauce. For dessert a Harry and Larry chocolate mousse, some bread and a water cuplet.

The chicken was good and the wasabi gave it a nice kick, the portion was a little small. The chocolate mousse was airy and smooth and surprisingly good, considering it was a pre-packaged dessert.

Jetstar economy class pre order meal lasagna

I ordered an additional meal to try and it was a Greek-style lasagna dish cooked with a selection of vegetables and topped with béchamel sauce. The meal was a little bland but was edible.

For my third and final inflight meal, I received the beef sliders they were delicious and my favourite item on the menu. The sliders debuted on Qantas A380 flights to Dallas back in 2014, and it’s great to see them onboard Jetstar.

Jetstar economy class pre order meal breakfast

Approximately 1.5 hours before arrival into Tokyo, the crew delivered the breakfast service for those who ordered it. Breakfast consisted of a Naturally Yours Swiss muesli with milk, a muffin and orange juice. The continental breakfast offering was adequate and offered enough food to keep you full well past landing.

The Jetstar inflight meal experience offers a good range of meals to choose from, even if the portions may be a little small. When comparing the cost to other low-cost long haul airlines the meals offer great value for money. Similar types of meals on other airlines sell for nearly double the cost of what Jetstar charge.


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