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Peach Airlines inflight meals

I recently flew with Peach Aviation, a low-cost Japanese airline part of the ANA Group based at Osaka Kansai Airport. I flew from Tokyo to Osaka, the airline doesn’t provide free inflight meals, instead, they offer a fabulous range of local Japanese options that you can purchase.


Peach Airlines inflight menu
Peach Airlines cabin interior

Instantly you’ll notice the Japanese inspired inflight menu featuring options such as Okonomiyaki from the Chibo restaurant chain, bento boxes, freshly prepared sushi, hot meals, and more. I was quite surprised at the offering considering it’s a low-cost airline.

Inflight meals on Japanese Airline Peach

I ordered the Kobe Beef bento box, the sushi bento box, the Japanese pancake and a dessert option. The Kobe Beef Bento box is the most expensive item on the menu costing 1800YEN, (Around US$18.00) for the quality it is exceptional value. It comes with rice, salad and noodles and is presented in a red and black Japanese style bento box. The sushi bento box for USD$7.50 is made fresh daily in the airlines catering kitchen provider in Osaka, it’s well priced and delicious

Peach Airlines inflight okonomiyaki

The pancake is produced by the famed restaurant chain Chibo and is served wrapped in foil, unwrap it add your condiments to your liking and enjoy. Condiments include Okonomi Sauce (special Japanese barbecue sauce for “Okonomi Yaki”), Katsuo Bushi (bonito fish flakes), Aonori (seaweed powder) and mayonnaise.

Peach Airlines inflight meals

For dessert, I order the Peach eclair that matches the airlines’ branding colours.

I enjoyed my inflight meal experience with Peach, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the menu options, quality and taste of the products.


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