Review: Thai Airways Business & Economy Class

Thai Airways airplane interior with purple and red seats.

I took a number of flights with Thai Airways across Asia recently in business and economy class, here’s my inflight meal experience and what to expect when flying them.


In October 2015 I took this flight from Seoul to Hong Kong in business class, the trip was over 3 hours, and included a full lunch service. After takeoff, the cabin crew distributed inflight menus and offered a drink before the meal service.

My entree was delivered promptly and consisted of roast beef served with spinach and tomato, a side dish of pre-packaged Kimchi, cheese and crackers, and a bread roll.

A Thai Airways meal on a tray aboard an airplane.

For the main, I decided on the chicken served with potato wedges, carrots and peas.

thai airways business class food

The chicken was delicious, tender and moist, the vegetables and potatoes were quite good. As the flight originated in Korea the airline offered some pre-packaged Kimchi, perhaps a fresh plated up option would have been better suited to a business class cabin.

thai airways business class dessert

Dessert was less than memorable, a slightly dry piece of cake.


On this 55 min trip from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, the economy class snack box included a dessert and a freshly prepared salad with juice and water. I was quite impressed with the food offering on such a short flight.

thai airways economy class meal

This meal didn’t appeal to me, it was a “Moo Yor – หมูยอ” (Vietnamese sausage). Moo Yor consists of ground pork or chicken and is mixed with black pepper then wrapped with a bunch of banana leaves, and steamed until cooked.

thai airways economy class meal

On a two hour flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong, this delicious lunch was served and included lemon chicken with fried rice, tuna and cherry tomato salad, finished off with tiramisu.

The chicken was drenched in lemon, the rice wasn’t too oily, the salad was fresh, and the best part was dessert. This was my favourite meal that I’ve eaten in Thai Airways economy class.

I have since visited the Thai Airways Catering Kitchen at Bangkok Airport and there have been a number of changes to their inflight catering, you can read more about that here.


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