Review: Jet2 Meals

Jet2 pre order inflight meals

I booked a flight from East Midlands to Malta with Jet2 to sample their pre-order meals. I managed to add one meal to my booking and then reached out to their social media team to help me order a few more.

Jet2 meals are not included in the price of your ticket, however, the meals for sale offer great value when compared to similar offerings. Meals start from only £7.50, including a free drink, and there are 11 options to select.

Immediately after take-off, I received a box and a hot meal, inside the box you have everything that you need for your meal including milk, butter, fresh fruit, muffin, bread roll and a cutlery pack.

Jet2 pre order inflight meals

The meals are good quality and quite similar to what you will receive on other UK based charter/low-cost airlines.

Jet2 pre order inflight meals

From the top, left to right, Sausage and Mash, Chicken Tikka Masala, Penne Bolognese and the Beef Casserole.

I managed to give away a few meals to my seat neighbours, who were wondering why I had so many meals in front of me.

Meals on Jet2 offer excellent value and the quantity of food offered is excellent. The airline offers traditional English offerings as well as some international flavours at excellent prices.


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