The Porter Airlines Review & Experience

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An Inaugural Flight to Remember

On 1st December 2023 I had the pleasure of flying with @porterairlines from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto. As luck would have it, I found myself in line behind one of the airline’s PR reps, and we struck up a conversation while waiting to check in. She excitedly shared that it was their inaugural service.

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Pre-Flight Treats and Surprises

The pre-flight experience at the gate included an offering of tea, coffee, cookies, and even a raffle draw. To my delight I was upgraded to Porter Reserve!

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From Classic Fare to Porter Reserve

Originally, I had booked a Porter Classic fare, which already includes complimentary beer, wine, and premium snacks.

Porter Reserve passengers enjoy the convenience of priority boarding and seating at the front of the cabin. The experience is complemented by premium meals, along with a superior selection of snacks and beverages – all included.

A Culinary Delight Above the Clouds

After take off, the attentive crew commenced the service with inflight menus, drink orders and a refreshing wellness shot, The menu boasted three inviting meal choices: savory breakfast oats adorned with fruits, a cheese and fruit tray, or croissants filled with succulent salmon.

The menu boasted three inviting meal choices: savory breakfast oats adorned with fruits, a cheese and fruit tray, or croissants filled with succulent salmon.

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It was an intriguing unboxing experience, inside a carefully packaged box was a colorful fruit bowl, bursting with tangy flavors, alongside a delectable scone with jam.

I chose the oats and they were a highlight—fresh, delicious, and so satisfying, they elevated the economy class experience to a rare culinary delight.

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In a thoughtful nod to passengers’ tech needs, they provided a handy cardboard mobile phone holder.

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Sustainable Snacks at High Altitude

The hospitality continued with a snack service featuring an assortment of nuts, cookies, banana bread, and fava beans, and a water service to stay refreshed.

Sustainability was not just a buzzword but a practice, as evidenced by the reusable glassware for beer and wine, adding a touch of elegance to high-altitude drinks.

Porter’s inflight experience reflects their commitment to quality and sustainability, partnering with local Canadian brands to provide high-quality, delicious products that resonate with their values.

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The commitment extended to compostable paper cups for hot drinks and cutlery made from 100% biodegradable agave fiber—a resourceful byproduct of tequila production.

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Porter Brands – A Taste of Canada in the Sky

Their partnerships with local Canadian beverage brands bring a slice of Canada’s best to the skies. These collaborations not only support local producers but also serve as a testament to the airline’s role as a proud Canadian ambassador.

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Proper glassware is used on Porter flights to serve a range of beverages, from branded soft drinks to complimentary wine. The latter, from Jackson-Triggs, is emblematic of Canadian viticulture.

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters provided the coffee, paying homage to Canadian coffee culture and the literary giant Honoré de Balzac.

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Porter Cafe – Economy Class

On Porter Classic flights, even those seated in the main cabin are privy to complimentary refreshments. The menu includes a selection of beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks, presented in real glassware accompanied by a variety of free snacks.

For flights over 2.5 hours on the airline’s E195-E2 jets, there’s an option to purchase the fresh meal component offered in Porter Reserve.

Concluding Thoughts

As we landed, it was clear that Porter Airlines had delivered a solid and enjoyable flight experience. Disembarking, I felt a quiet satisfaction that came from smooth travel and thoughtful service. It’s refreshing to see an airline focus on the finer points that make a difference in a journey, proving that the skies can still be a place of comfort and class.


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