Pre-Ordering Special Meals on Thai Airways

Thai Airways Economy Class Meals

For those with dietary requirements or preferences, Thai Airways provides a range of special meals to ensure your flight is both comfortable and enjoyable. Here’s how you can pre-order a special meal for your next journey.

Steps to Pre-Order Special Meals

Access Your Booking

Visit and click on ‘My Booking’. Input your booking reference and last name, then select ‘Find Booking’.

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Go to Booking Details

On the booking details page, navigate to ‘Services Details’.

Thai airways booking confirmation page.

Add Additional Services

Select ‘Add additional services’ to proceed to the next options.

A screenshot of a page with a yellow button and a purple button.

Choose Your Meal

In the flight special requests section, tap on ‘Meals’ to view the available special meal options.

A screen shot of a screen with a purple button on it.

Confirm Your Selection

From the dropdown box, pick your desired meal and confirm by tapping ‘Confirm and Close’.

Special Meal Requests

Order Timing: Make your meal selection up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure for flights leaving Bangkok and up to 48 hours before for flights into Bangkok.

Flight Eligibility: Special meal requests are applicable only on Thai Airways-operated flights (TG 3-digit flight numbers).

Meal Codes: Each special meal has a code and description, catering to various dietary needs ranging from baby meals (BBML) to religious (KSML, MOML), medical (DBML, GFML), and vegetarian options (VGML, VJML).

Important Notes

For Infants and Children: Parents are encouraged to request meals suitable for their infants and children using this service.

Default Meals: On certain routes like flights to Pakistan, Muslim meals (MOML) are standard and do not need to be specifically requested.

By pre-ordering your special meal, you can relax knowing that your specific dietary needs will be met onboard with Thai Airways.


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