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Spicejet has temporarily suspended food and beverage services on all flights. Food and beverage consumption inflight is not allowed unless it’s for a health reason. This information supersedes all other information on this page.


Spicejet is a low-cost airline based in India, meals are not included and passengers can purchase food from the onboard menu or pre-order a meal from the online assortment before your flight.

SpiceJet Max passengers will receive complimentary meals and be seated at the front of the economy class cabin.

You can read more about the inflight meal experience on Spicejet here. 


You can pre-order a special meal on most Spicejet flights for INR400 options include:

Celebration Cake, Diabetic Vegetarian Meal, Diabetic Non-Veg, Jain Hot Meal, Jain Sandwich, Gluten-Free Veg Meal, Gluten Free Non-Veg meal, Gluten Free Dhokla, Low-Calorie Vegetarian Salad, Kids Meal, Fruit Platter.


Passengers are encouraged to pre-order their meals online at the time of booking by doing so you can save 10%. Meal options are listed below and include a wide range of sandwiches. Pre-order meals can be booked up to 24 hours before departure, and sandwiches can be ordered up to 6 hours before departure.

Hot meals are only available for sale on Boeing flights with a flight time of 76 mins and above. Hot drinks are available on Boeing flights with a flight time of 51 mins and above.

Meal Pricing

Sandwiches INR245 include options such as Spinach, corn and cheese or Malai chicken tikka.

Hot meals INR450 include options such as Tandoor Chicken, Tawa Fish, Chicken Schezwan, Vegetables in red curry, Vegetable Pasta, Chicken Thai Curry.

To book your meal head to the Spicejet website and select the Manage My Booking’ option after booking your ticket online.


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