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SunExpress is a low-cost holiday airline based in Turkey and owned by Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines. Depending on your fare level you purchase airline meals may or may not be included in the price of your ticket.

There is also a pre-order meal service available to passengers who want to upgrade their inflight meals.

Fare Types

SunEco: No meals included on the basic fare. However, you can order a set meal in advance from the SunLight Bistro Deluxe or make purchases inflight.

SunClassic: You will receive a sandwich, a chocolate bar and a choice of two non-alcoholic beverages.

SunPremium: You will receive a high-quality hot meal of your choice as well as two drinks on international flights and two drinks on flights within Turkey. (Two drinks from the board assortment are included in the price, of which one can be an alcoholic beverage. Excluded are Capri Sonne, Red Bull and alcoholic minis.)


Special meals on Sun Express can be ordered for a fee and include options such as Vegetarian, Diabetics, Lactose and Gluten-Free.

You can order these meals via the call centre or online via the manage my booking function here.


Sun Express offers a service for passengers to pre-order a gourmet meal on domestic and international flights; meals start from only TRY57.00 on domestic flights and €9.99 on international flights.

Meals can be pre-ordered up to 36 hours before departure. Order your meal for an existing flight booking here.


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