Andreas Caminada galley meal preparation
[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]pop up restaurant inflight? That’s exactly what happened last month on Swiss International Airlines flight LX16 from Zurich to New York. In a world-first, Michelin Star Chef Andreas Caminada from Schloss Schauenstein, a historical castle which features his award-winning restaurant, teamed up with Swiss to create this inflight culinary adventure.

Planning for the “SWISS Meets Caminada” flight commenced 12 months before the flight to ensure a smooth and enjoyable inflight experience for everyone on board.

No duty-free trolleys loaded onto LX16 as they would take up too much space, so they were left behind. Equipment from galleys was also stripped to a bare minimum to provide Caminada and his team ample space to work in the galleys. The preparations and practice for the final flight commenced two days before departure at the Gate Gourmet Zurich Airport facilities. As you will see, the result is quite spectacular!


Caminada and his team were there to meet and greet passengers with champagne and breakfast snacks before the flight and offer them a taste of what’s to come during their journey to New York.


Passengers in First Class were offered an 11-course meal while Business Class were offered ten courses, and Economy Class passengers were tempted with some unique meal creations. Dishes in Economy included items such as Char with Marinated Carrots, Mackerel with Radishes and Horseradish and Langoustine on Pumpkin.

Work in the inflight galleys was non-stop to provide the meals for everyone onboard, with no chance of even the slightest break for the cabin crew or Caminadas’ team.

Feedback from passengers was well received, and towards the end of the flight, Andreas Caminada passed through all cabins and farewelled and thanked passengers for joining the special flight. Every passenger walked off the aircraft with a gift bag containing Swiss Chocolates and a wool hat.


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