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In my opinion, Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines for inflight meals in economy class. Their business class dining options are excellent as well. If you are interested in reading my other stories about Turkish Airlines, you can view them here, and here.. Here is a detailed breakdown of my recent inflight meal experience in economy class, on my journey from Paris to Singapore (via Istanbul).


I was very impressed with the inflight food on this 2-hour and 35-minute flight. The cabin crew offered a choice of beef or pasta, and I opted for the beef.

A tray of Turkish Airlines food sitting on top of an airplane seat.

The meal came with some vegetables and rice, an entrée of yogurt with peas, and a delicious chocolate mousse. The beef was flavorful, and the portion size was perfect.

However, my only complaint was that my water and part of the entrée were frozen solid.

A turkish airline food tray with ice cream and a container.

The airline provided proper cutlery in economy class, and a good range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including fresh juices. It is becoming rare to see airlines offer meal choices and trays like this in economy class on flights under three hours. It is great to see some airlines still offer decent service in economy class.


During my transit, I visited the Turkish Airlines lounge for Star Alliance Gold customers. The lounge offered an array of food and beverage options.


On my 11-hour flight to Singapore, the airline provided two meal services, and snacks were available from the galley if required. The first meal service offered a choice of chicken or a vegetarian option. The meal tray seemed larger and included a fresh salad in addition to the entrée of hummus. Olive oil was provided to drizzle over the salad.

A Turkish Airlines tray of food on a plane table.

For dessert, the chocolate mousse made another appearance. This is one of the complaints of frequent travelers on Turkish Airlines; the inflight food is not changed that often, which many find quite boring. However, I like to think that the airline has perfected its recipes and prefers to provide something that’s tried and tested with no surprises.

A tray of Turkish Airlines food and drink.

About two hours before landing, the breakfast service began. I was offered scrambled eggs with toast, roasted tomato, a side dish of cheese and olives, and yogurt with cherry. These were some of the best eggs I’ve had on a flight. I do not know how they do it, but their inflight caterer Do&Co knows how to cook eggs for economy class passengers.

Turkish Airlines food tray with orange juice.

Overall, my recent experience with Turkish Airlines’ inflight meals in economy class was very positive. The quality of the food and the variety of options were impressive, especially considering the length of the flights. While some frequent travelers may find the menu repetitive, I appreciated the consistency and quality of the meals, as well as the attentive service from the cabin crew. The Turkish Airlines lounge also provided a nice respite during my transit, with plenty of food and beverage options to choose from.




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I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast and food experience with Turkish Airlines, and I still think they have some of the best economy-class meals around. What do you think?


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