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When flying with United Airlines, your dining experience varies depending on your flight destination.

Does United Airlines Offer complimentary meals?

Yes, on most international flights. Domestic US flights only include light snacks.

Does United offer complimentary drinks?

Yes, on most international flights, complimentary wine and beer are available in United Economy. On domestic flights, non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary, but alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.

International Flights

Passengers can enjoy a full meal service that includes options like appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Wine and beer are also complimentary in United Economy on flights from the United States and to various international destinations, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Israel, New Zealand, South America, and Tahiti.

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Domestic Flights

Flights within the United States primarily offer free snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Snacks are available for purchase on certain domestic routes. Alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, are available for purchase on most domestic flights.

Complimentary Beverages

Coca-Cola | Coca-Cola Zero Sugar | Diet Coke | Sprite | Seagram’s: Ginger Ale | Seltzer Water | Tonic Water | AHA Sparkling Water | Orange + Grapefruit | Blueberry + Pomegranate | Apple Juice | Cranberry Apple Juice Cocktail | Orange | Juice Tomato Juice | Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix |  Coffee by illy |  DASANI Bottled Water.

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US, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean

Flights over 500 miles

All day snacks are available for purchase on flights including Pringles $4, Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberry’s $4, Field Trip Korean BBQ Jerky $5 and Snack Owl Watermelon.

Flights over 1500 miles

On longer flights, United Airlines offers a fresh Bistro on Board menu, featuring heated and cold entrees for purchase.

Breakfast (5:00 a.m. to 9:59 a.m) and lunch/dinner (10:00 a.m. to 8:59 p.m.) options are available.

Alcoholic Beverages

Are available for purchase on flights over 300 miles.

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United Airlines special meals must be ordered 24 hours before departure.

These meals can be requested at the time of booking or by adding a request to an existing reservation.

Currently offered special meal options include Asian Vegetarian (AVML), Child’s Meal (CHML), Gluten Intolerant (GFML), Kosher (KSML), and Vegan (VGML).

Availability depends on the flight route, including domestic flights over 2,000 miles, premium transcontinental flights, flights between Hawaii and the mainland U.S., and select international flights.

How to Order

Check the Inflight Feed guide or follow along below.

United Website

  1. Visit United.com.
  2. Navigate to the “My Trips” section.
  3. Choose your flight from the list of upcoming trips or search for it using your confirmation number and last name.
  4. Below the list of travelers, look for the option labeled “Special Meal” and select it.
  5. Pick the traveler for whom you want to request a special meal.
  6. Enter their specific meal preference.
  7. Confirm your request by selecting “Send request.”

United App

  1. Launch the United Airlines app.
  2. Access the “My United” section.
  3. Choose your flight from the list of upcoming trips or search for it by entering your confirmation number and last name.
  4. In the traveler information section, select “Edit” for the traveler who requires a special meal.
  5. Choose the desired meal option from the available list.
  6. Save your selection to add the special meal to your reservation.

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United First – US Domestic Flights

Flights Less Than 300 Miles: These short flights do not offer food service on board. However, passengers are welcome to bring their own snacks.

Flights Between 300-800 Miles: Passengers on these mid-range flights will receive an “all-in-one” snack bag, which includes snacks.

Flights 800 Miles or Greater: For longer flights, you have the option to choose from a selection of hot meals.

Flights to Hawaii: Passengers traveling to Hawaii will enjoy a meal service that includes nuts, a hot meal, and a dessert. Additionally, a pre-arrival snack of your choice is provided.


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