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Vistara Airlines premium economy class meal

On a recent trip to India, I flew with Vistara a new entrant to the Indian aviation market part-owned by the Singapore Airlines group. The airline offers business, premium economy and economy on routes across India, and provides first-class hospitality in all cabin classes.

Business-class passengers receive quality inflight meals served on linen and bone china tableware. In premium economy passengers are offered meal trays, and in economy, passengers will be given hot meals served in boxes. Hot meals are served on flights usually above 1 hour with cold refreshments offered on shorter trips.

Vistara Airlines premium economy class coconut water

My flight would take me from Mumbai to Delhi, and I booked a premium economy class ticket. Before departure, the cabin crew distributed this tetra pack coconut drink which was quite refreshing, and a hot towel was offered.

Passengers travelling in premium economy on Air Vistara will receive a more enhanced meal than economy class, a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals are offered. I decided on the Southern Indian vegetarian choice: Spinach pancakes with tomato upma and sambas served with fruit and a pastry.

Vistara Airlines premium economy class meal
Vistara Airlines premium economy class meal

The service onboard was professional, the crew helpful, attentive and friendly. Small touches like the linen cloth and proper cutlery were appreciated and the meal is served on a full-sized economy class meal tray. I enjoyed the local meal option and before long the service was completed and it was time to land. Vistara is a great airline to experience, and I would happily fly them again.


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