Review: The Westjet Economy Class Experience

westjet economy class meal

After flying to Toronto with Lufthansa, I booked a flight with WestJet onboard their 787 service to London. I wasn’t sure what to expect when flying with Westjet in economy class, and I hadn’t read that much about the experience on purpose. I took this flight in late February just before airlines started grounding their aircraft.


Flight WS 3 took 5hrs and 45 mins to get to London, a quick flight due to the tailwinds. Upon arrival at my seat, I noticed a small bottle of water, which is always appreciated when travelling in economy class.

Browsing through the entertainment system, I found the inflight menu for this flight. While it’s nice to see printed menus in economy class, it’s also great to see airlines using the IFE, think of all that paper that’s being saved.

westjet inflight menu economy class

The inflight menu options included the above choices.

Headphones were headed out 15mins after takeoff, and the meal service began about 10 minutes later. The crew in my area used two carts, a full drinks cart and a half cart used for delivering the food. I was too busy paying attention to my inflight entertainment when it was my time to be served.

westjet snack box economy class

I missed the question from the crew member and took my headphones off to give her my attention. She just looked at me, took a meal box, slapped it down on my meal tray and moved on in a huff.

The first meal service was a light snack box, and I thought the packaging was quite quirky, interesting and the unboxing part was fun. Inside was a wrap, a slice of cinnamon/apple cake and a packet of cut apples.

westjet economy class food

Ten minutes later, the drinks cart passed by, and I ordered an orange juice. 

The quantity of food provided in the box was more than adequate; it was healthy and most importantly, tasty. I have absolutely no complaints about the meal offered, it was a late departure, and the light meal was welcomed. 

westjet economy class meal

Two hours before landing at London Gatwick airport, the second service commenced, hot breakfast choices included scrambled eggs or corned beef. 

westjet economy class meal

I opted for the scrambled eggs with bell peppers and potato, and it was served with freshly cut fruit, yoghurt and a pain au chocolate. The Heinz ketchup was a thoughtful touch, and I added it to my eggs.

westjet economy class meal toronto to london

I’ve only ever enjoyed scrambled eggs on one other airline in the world, and that’s Turkish Airlines. I was pleasantly surprised to taste fluffy light and delicious eggs on WestJet. I took the crew about 1 hour to complete the service, and not long after we were on descent to London.

I had a pleasant experience with Westjet, most of the crew onboard were friendly, welcoming and genuine. The aircraft was brand new, offering comfortable seating and great inflight entertainment. I was impressed with the food offering, the branding of the various elements and the quality offered.


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