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Delta Airlines meals may or may not be included in your ticket price depending on your destination and flight time. Delta has recently announced some fantastic enhancements to their main cabin inflight service on international flights that commenced in November 2019, and you can check out the entire new service experience right here.

On most flights within the USA, meals are not included for basic economy and main cabin ticket holders. However, some routes feature complimentary meals. Non-alcoholic beverages are free on most U.S. domestic flights.

On flights longer than 1.5 hours (available on domestic U.S. and Canada, Latin America and Caribbean flights during meal times) customers may purchase a selection of fresh snacks and meal options through the Delta Flight Fuel buy onboard meal program.

U.S/Canada/Latin America, Caribbean

Delta Airlines offer complimentary snacks that are either Vegan, Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegetarian Lacto Ovo and Gluten-Free, these snacks include:

Biscoff Cookies (Vegan and Non-GMO), Whole Grain Cheez-It (Kosher and Lacto Ovo Vegetarian), Squirrel Brand Almonds (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO), Kind Dark Chocolate Chunk Bar Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, Lacto Ovo vegetarian).

Depending on your flight route you will receive:

Flights 250-899 miles

All passengers in main cabin will receive complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Flights 900-1,299 miles

Snacks for purchase from the Delta menu.

Flights 1300+ miles

From 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. passengers can purchase additional items from the Delta Flight Fuel menu which you can view right here.

Free Meals Domestic US Flights

Delta Airlines offer free meals on these routes:

New York (JFK) to/from Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), San Diego (SAN), Seattle (SEA), Portland (PDX)
Washington D.C. (DCA) to/from Los Angeles (LAX)
Seattle (SEA) to/from Boston (BOS), Raleigh-Durham (RDU), Orlando (MCO), Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Boston (BOS) to/from San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX)
Atlanta (ATL) to/from Honolulu (HNL)
New York (JFK) to/from Honolulu (HNL)
Minneapolis (MSP) to/from Honolulu (HNL)

International Flights

Since November 2019 expect some service upgrades on Delta international flights scheduled for 6.5 hours or longer.

After departure, you will receive a welcome aboard cocktail featuring a Bellini which is made with sparkling wine and peach puree. Hot towels are offered, and the dinner service will commence. Bistro style meals will be served in economy class, allowing passengers to mix and match their entree and main meal choices, meals will be served on dinnerware with upgraded cutlery.

Larger entrees take inspiration from Delta One dishes. Finally, dessert will be served after the meal service has been completed, and you will be offered tea/coffee/wine or water.


Passengers can choose from 18 different special meals. These meals are available to pre-order for main cabin, first-class and Delta one on flights where complimentary meal service is offered and include:

Asian Vegetarian, Vegan, Vegetarian Lacto Ovo, Hindu, Muslim, Kosher, Bland, Diabetic, Gluten-Free, Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, Low Calorie, Low Sodium, Baby, Child, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

You can view further information on special meals here.

To book your special meal, manage your booking right here.



Delta First Class meals vary depending on your time of departure and flight length.

Under 900 miles

Expect complimentary non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages plus sweet and savoury snacks.

900 – 1399 miles

Expect a full meal service at main meal times, breakfast and lunch are served from 5 a.m. to 1:30 p.m and dinner from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. In between these mealtimes, a range of snacks is offered.

1500+ miles

A full meal service offered, usually three courses, including more main meal choices.

Pre Order

Pre-select meals are also available on select first-class flights where a meal service is offered. If you hold a confirmed first-class ticket, you will receive an email from Delta 3 days before departure asking you to pick your meal choice.


U.S Domestic

Expect a three-course meal on Delta One services; however, night/red-eye flights have a reduced service of one course to allow you to rest. From LA the airline works with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo from the restaurant Animal, James Beard from Linton Hopkins out of Atlanta and Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events out of New York.

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner services will offer at least two starters and three main meal choices. Inflight beverages will include the standard offering from Main Cabin plus Grey Goose Vodka, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon plus other top-shelf options.

Pure Leaf teas are featured in Delta One with choices such as English Breakfast, Green Tea with Jasmine, Peppermint and Earl Grey tea.

For the latest wine list in Delta One check here.

Intercontinental Flights

If you’re travelling between the U.S. and Asia, expect curated menus featuring chefs Jereme Leung, Japanese chef Norio Ueno and Korean chef Kwon Woo-Joong.

For the latest inflight menu options for 2020 check here.

Inflight service will include a four-course menu consisting of a cold appetiser, soup, main meal-offering of four options plus a dessert service.

Pre-arrival meals may include a light breakfast or lunch offering.

You can pre-order your meal choices if you are a Delta SkyMiles customer if you are not already enrolled sign up for free here.


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