How to order a special meal on Lufthansa

lufthansa premium economy class meal

On select Lufthansa flights, you can order a special meal. Here’s a guide to take you through the process.


2-Click on ”My Bookings” and enter your last name and booking code. (You can find this on your email confirmation)

A web page with a picture of a shark.

3- You should be able to view your booking details, scroll down until you see the Special Meals/Mobility assistance section.

A snapshot of how to order a specialty meal on Lufthansa's website.
A Lufthansa meal ordering tutorial in a webpage screenshot.

4- On the special meals tab click on the drop-down button and select the meal type that you require and tap on ”Save Changes”.

A web page showing step-by-step instructions for ordering a special meal on Lufthansa.

5- If ordered correctly a green tick will appear next to your flight details. If you notice the amber symbol, this means that your meal request could not be processed. This could be due to another airline operating the flight. Check those flight details, and see who the operating airline is, and then contact them directly to order a meal for that flight.

A screenshot of Lufthansa's special meal ordering page.

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