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You can view a review of Indigo Airlines here.

Meals are not included with saver plus tickets when travelling with Indian-based IndiGo Airlines. Flexi Plus and Super 6E include a complimentary snack combo. Saver fare passengers can choose from a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and beverages for pre-order and sale onboard.

Hot meals and hot beverages are not available on ATR flights, and only available on other flights over 61 minutes. All non-vegetarian snacks are Halal certified.


To view the entire inflight menu for your next Indigo Airlines flight, check here.


There are 22 different inflight snack and meal options to choose from. View the menu here.

At the time of making your booking with Indigo, you can select to purchase an inflight meal if you wish. You can also add the meals up to 24 hours before departure.

The choices include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and include a beverage. Save up to 15% by pre-ordering. You can pre-order your meal here.

Contact the airline here to pre-book your meal if it’s not possible to do so online.


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