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There are three fare types that you can choose from when making a flight booking on Jetstar: Starter, Plus Bundle and Max Bundle. Starter fares do not include meals. However, Plus and Max Bundles will consist of a meal/snack or an inflight voucher that you can use to make purchases inflight.

For further information on how the inflight vouchers work check here.

Domestic Australia & Flights to New Zealand

The Jetstar cafe menu is offered on these flights, options include gluten-free, and vegan options as well as sumo salad and Lavazza coffee, beer, wine and spirits. You can view the latest inflight menus here. Please note Jetstar operated flights in Australia only accept credit cards as a form of payment.

International Flights

Pre-purchased meals on Jetstar operated services will include one hot and one cold non-alcoholic drink with every meal service. You can pre-order your meals through the ‘manage my booking’ function on the Jetstar website.

You can read the Inflight Feed review of Jetstar economy class meals on international services here, and for domestic flights in Australia right here.


Jetstar Singapore meals are not included in the price of some Jetstar fares in economy class; however, meals are available for purchase. Jetstar offers a wide variety of local and international meals and snacks on all Jetstar Asia operated services. Cash, Visa or Mastercard are accepted onboard.

Options include nasi lemak with chicken satay, signature Singapore chicken rice, bibimbap and pad Thai.

Premium dishes can be ordered and start from SGD$22 while standard meals that cost SGD$16.00.

Buy on Board

You can view the Jetstar Singapore inflight menu here.

The Jetcafe service on Jetstar Asia flights from Singapore is available onboard all flights and offers a range of inflight meals, snacks and drinks.


Jetstar Japan meals are not included in the price of economy class ticket holders. Jetstar Japan offers a wide variety of locally inspired menu items. Passengers who would like a drink or snack inflight can purchase refreshments onboard. Visa or Mastercard are accepted for onboard payments.

Their selection includes hot meals (only on international flights) fresh sandwiches, snacks, confectionery, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine and spirits.

You can also pre-order a meal on Jetstar Japan flights at the time of booking or the manage my booking function.

Inflight Vouchers can also be purchased for Jetstar Japan flights, and you can find out more information right here.

Inflight Menu

The Jetstar Japan inflight menu can be viewed here.


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