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Due to the pandemic, it’s currently not possible to order special meals on KLM flights.

European Flights

In economy class, you’ll receive a box containing a sandwich.

In business class, you’ll receive a box created by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders with breakfast, lunch or dinner options.

Intercontinental Flights

In economy class, you’ll receive a bag containing snacks, fruit and drinks in addition to the main inflight service consisting of a salad, a hot meal, and dessert.

In business class, you’ll receive a salad, a hot meal, a dessert and cheese and crackers.


KLM offers free meals and snacks depending on your destination, shorter flights provide sandwiches and snacks, and longer flights will offer hot meals.

European Flights

On flights, up to 45 minutes expect a sweet and a savoury snack.

On flights, up to 2 hours expect to be served sandwiches with different fillings, a wrap or a sweet and a savoury snack.

On flights longer than 120 minutes you will be offered a hot snack and sweet pastry.

Long Haul

For all other flights expect a proper meal tray service with unique local dining options depending on where you are flying to/from. Generally, on long haul services, you will receive a welcome service of bottled water, refresher towel and headphones.

Meal service will consist of a large salad served alongside a hot meal option, cheese and crackers and dessert. If hungry during the flight, you can head to the galley and take some snacks from the pantry.

klm economy class meal on european flights


Can be ordered on intercontinental flights only at least 48 hours before departure.

The choices are Muslim, Kosher, Hindu, Diabetic, Low Calorie, Low Salt, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Asian, Lacto-Ovo, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, Kids Meal and Baby Meal.

You can order your special meal by clicking here and using the manage my trip tab to select your meal.

For further information on special meals, check here.


If you’re flying within Europe, you can enjoy meals that have been created by top Dutch chefs and served on Marcel Wanders tableware. Since October 2018 the airline has launched a new dining concept for business class flights within Europe, giving passengers more control and a more refined format.

The new meal box has more individual elements have been added to it, which allows you to determine how to put your meal together.

Morning flights will include a box containing a breakfast with fresh fruit and cold cuts consisting of cheese and meat with a hot roll. For the rest of the day, expect salads and side dishes.  Products are sustainable and locally produced where possible.

On flights to Cagliari, Helsinki, Ibiza, Porto, Split and Valencia you can choose when you want to dine. There is also an additional second meal service consisting of a Dutch croquette snack or a spinach-and-feta pastry.

KLM inflight lunch business class


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