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Saudi airlines meals are complimentary and all meals are halal certified. Saudia offers a wide range of special meals and passengers can order these on any flight where a meal service is provided. Alcohol is not served on Saudia Flights.

Most routes offer at least three meal choices in economy class (two meat and one vegetarian option) although on some flights you may be offered the choice of two meals.

Economy class meal service is trayless, and a tablecloth is laid on your economy class meal tray. You choose your main meal option, and it’s placed on your table cloth along with the appetiser and other accompaniments.

Further information on inflight dining can be found here.


Passengers can pre-order the following special meals on Saudia services:

Seafood, Baby meal, Infant meal, Bland meal, Diabetic meal, Low-fat meal, Salt-free meal, Vegetarian meal, European Style Meal, Asian Vegetarian Meal, Fasting meal, Liquid Meal and an Autistic Passenger Meal.

The airline also offers a visually impaired meal where all the meal components are precut into bite-sized chunks. The description of the meal and position of foods are highlighted on a Braille menu using the clock concept.

You can view further information here.


Business-class meal offerings on Saudia will include three appetiser choices, usually a Traditional Mezze, Western offer or Fresh Salad. Soup will include one option and main meals will offer one seafood as well as two meat options.

Dessert is usually a choice of three options, including fresh fruit, cheese or sweets.


First Class cabins offer the airlines Chef On Board program. A dedicated chef will prepare all your meals. Expect at least five different appetisers including options such as Caviar, Mezzee, Western Appetiser, Salad or Soup.

For your main meal, expect at least four options and six options for dessert.

Inflight Beverages

Orange, Lemon and Seasonal Juice

Cocktails: Insomnia, Sunset Cooler, Lime Mojito, Spicy Tomato, Lemon Cola

Tea: Green, Red, Mint, Jasmin

Coffee: Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Instant and Freshly Brewed.


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