REVIEW: Thai Airways Economy Class

Thai Airways Economy Class Meals

Here’s a snapshot of my flights with Thai Airways in economy class from Phuket to Bangkok, then a few days later from Bangkok to Zurich. Before the flight, I visited the Thai Airways lounge at Phuket Airport — a small space that nonetheless offers adequate snacks and drinks. This review formed part of my trip to visit Thai Airways Catering in Bangkok.


On my flight from Phuket to Bangkok, the flight attendants served a cold refreshment and water. For a mere 1 hour’s flight time, I was impressed to receive as much food as I did. I don’t know the name of the dish — a burger of some sort served with a refreshing salad. My meal was excellent. Their competitor Bangkok Airways serve similar items on their domestic flights within Thailand.

thai airways economy class meal phuket to bangkok
Thai Airways economy class meal domestic flight


My flight from Bangkok to Zurich departed at 0050, so I wasn’t expecting hot meal service. A mere 30 minutes after departure the crew commenced the inflight service and within 5 minutes, I received my meal, chosen from between a Western offering or a chicken curry with lemongrass.

Thai Airways Economy Class Meal Bangkok to Zurich

My choice, the chicken, was delicious and authentic. My meal tray also came with a side salad, apple cake and a bread roll. Twenty minutes later, the crew offered tea and coffee, and within 40 minutes of commencing service, the crew collected my meal tray, leaving me pleased and satisfied.

For breakfast 1 hour and 50 minutes before landing, I chose the Western option. This second meal was acceptable — the eggs slightly hard but the sausage and hash brown quite good. In retrospect, I should have chosen the Thai option: I always find local menu offerings better than their Western alternatives on Thai Airways flights. The crew took about 30 minutes to complete the second meal service.

Thai Airways economy class breakfast Bangkok to Zurich

Overall a good experience in economy class with Thai Airways, food was plentiful, service was adequate with standard economy class dining offered.


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