Virgin Australia

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Virgin Australia does not provide any complimentary meals or snacks in economy class. The airline does provide complimentary water, tea, and coffee and a range of items can be purchased from the onboard menu.

Domestic Inflight Menu

Expect to find a range of sandwiches, wraps, and snack items such as Mr Lee’s Noodles, Chicken Caesar Lettuce Sandwich, Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich, Roast Vegetables with Feta Wrap. Pricing starts from AUD$8.00 and the entire inflight menu can be found here.

Purchases can be made by credit card only including Visa/Mastercard credit & debit cards and American Express. It’s not possible to pay using mobile/watch devices, EFTPOS, Maestro or pre-paid travel cards.

Flights to Japan

Expect to find a similar range of products that are found on the Australian domestic menu with a few Japanese-themed additions like miso soup, and chicken curry as well as pasta dishes, croissants, and other fresh food items.


There is no possibility to order a special meal on domestic Australia and short-haul international services, however, the airline offers halal, gluten free, low sugar, vegan and vegetarian options that can be purchased from the inflight menu. If you have any special meal requirements it’s best to pack some back up items in your bag, just in case.


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