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Air France is one of a few airlines that still serve champagne for free in economy class on long-haul flights. They’ve recently introduced organic meals for children, and have introduced sustainably farmed fish and 100% French products on flights ex Paris.

Does Air France offer complimentary meals?

Yes, meals are served on long haul flights, short-haul flights offer sandwiches and snacks.

Does Air France provide complimentary drinks?

Yes, beverages are available free of charge. Choices include still or sparkling, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, fruit juices, and more.

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Medium & Short Haul

Short-haul flights, offer a sweet cookie and a range of beverages.

On medium-haul flights during breakfast, a choice of a cookie (for flights under 2.5 hours) or a fresh sandwich (for flights over 2.5 hours) is offered.

Long Haul

Meals include a starter, a choice between 2 hot meals, bread, cheese, and a pastry. Economy class customers on longer flights will enjoy a self-service buffet offering sweet and savoury treats, fresh products, mini-sandwiches and ice cream. Air France is dedicated to serving 100% French meat, dairy, and egg products, along with sustainably farmed fish, across all cabin classes on long haul flights from Paris. Enjoy complimentary wine and champagne (free in economy class!) carefully selected by Paolo Basso, the World’s Best Sommelier 2013.

Meals for babies and children (up to 6 years), feature organic products on flights departing from Paris.


Air France special meals can be ordered on some flights within Europe and all Intercontinental flights up to 24 hours before departure, Kosher meals require 48 hours notice.

Allergen-Free Meal: This meal excludes allergenic ingredients like gluten, shellfish, eggs, fish, peanuts, soy, milk, tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulfites, lupin, and mollusks.

Gastric Irritant-Free Meal: Designed for sensitive stomachs, this meal avoids spicy, fatty, salty, or alcoholic ingredients.

Low-Sugar Meal: This meal is prepared to minimize sugar content and maintain a low glycemic index.

Gluten-Free Meal: Ideal for those with gluten sensitivity, this meal excludes gluten-based ingredients.

Low-Salt Meal: Crafted without added salt, this meal avoids salt-containing foods.

Vegan Meal: Composed entirely of plant-based foods, this meal excludes all animal products.

Vegetarian Meal: This meal includes vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, eggs, and honey, while omitting meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish, gelatin, and rennet.

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Indian Vegetarian Meal: A meal with Indian-style vegetarian offerings, it features vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products, and honey, without meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish, eggs, gelatin, or rennet.

Halal Meal: Suitable for Muslim passengers, this meal exclusively uses animal products from animals slaughtered according to Islamic practices.

Kosher Meal: Prepared according to Jewish dietary laws and supervised by a rabbi, this meal is suitable for Jewish passengers.

Hindu Meal (No Pork or Beef): This option offers an Indian-style meal without pork or beef or their by-products.

Infant Meal: Designed for infants aged 6 months to 2 years, this meal consists of simple, easily digestible foods.

Children’s Meal: Tailored for children aged 2 to 8 years, this meal is appealing to young tastes.

You can order your Air France special meal here.


On flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Los Angeles, New York, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo passengers in first and business class can access the Service à la française (French style) program. It allows you to personalise your dining experience by choosing your meal in advance of your flight.

Meal options include A taste of Japan, Traditional Chinese, Korean Sensations, Indian Delights, Thai, and Seafood. Air France First and Business class cabin meals are created by Michelin-starred chefs.

Air France now offers passengers in Business class a new signature cocktail, created in collaboration with the Hotel Lancaster in Paris. It will be offered as an aperitif on all long haul flights and will be refreshed twice a year.


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