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Are meals included on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines meals are included in the price of your ticket.

Most flights longer than 3.5 hours will offer two to three meal choices. On medium, long-haul, and ultra-long haul flights, appetisers are included as part of the economy class meal service, which include a bread roll, a main course, cheese and crackers, and a dessert.

For short-haul flights spanning one-and-a-half to three-and-a-half hours, passengers can now expect to receive bread rolls and butter. These additions will accompany the main course and dessert.

Some examples of the latest economy class dishes include:

Wok Fried Beef in Oyster Sauce with Egg Noodles, Choy Sum, and Carrots

Chicken and Mushroom Ragout with Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes

Paneer Korma with Eggplant Masala and Basmati rice.

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International Snack Menu

During long flights, passengers can typically find self-service items in the galley, including:

Onion Focaccia with Turkey Pastrami | Sauteed Capsicum and Cheddar Cheese Wrap | Assorted Buns and Muffins | Chocolate Bar | Potato Chips | Snack Biscuit | Dried Fruit Snack | Crunchy Granola Oat and Honey Bar | Fresh Fruits.

Are drinks included on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, Singapore Airlines offers complimentary alcoholic beverages such as:

Red Wine | White Wine | Singapore Sling | Whisky | Cognac | Gin | Vodka | Liqueurs | Rum | Tiger | Heineken.

Non-alcoholic options

Fruit Juices | Coffee | Variety of Teas | Soft Drinks.

More inflight menu information here.


Premium economy passengers can enjoy an enhanced inflight dining experience, featuring a selection of three main meal options for all meal times and the addition of Champagne to the beverage offerings listed above.


Singapore Airlines offer 24 special meals that require at least 24 hours notice, however, some destinations and meal types require 48 hours notice.

Bland Meal (BLML): Prepared without ingredients that cause gastric irritation.

Diabetic Meal (DBML): Sugar-free meal suitable for diabetics.

Fruit Platter (FPML): Fresh fruit-only meal.

Gluten Intolerant Meal (GFML): Gluten-free meal.

Low Fat Meal (LFML): Low-fat, excludes fatty foods.

Low Lactose Meal (NLML): Lactose-free meal.

Low Salt Meal (LSML): Low-sodium meal.

Minimal Allergen Meal (MAMLA): Free of common allergens.

Non-Strict Nut Free Meal (NFMLA): Nut-free meal.

Non Seafood Meal (NSFML): No seafood.

Seafood Meal (SFML): Contains seafood.

Vegetarian Indian Meal (AVML): Indian-style, non-strict vegetarian, can be spicy.

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Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML): Jain-style vegetarian, excludes root vegetables.

Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML): Asian-style vegetarian.

Vegetarian Vegan Meal (VGML): Western-style vegan.

Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal (VLML): Western-style, includes eggs and dairy.

Hindu Non-Vegetarian Meal (HNML): Non-vegetarian with no beef.

Kosher Meal (KSML): Prepared according to Jewish dietary laws.

Muslim Meal (MOML): No pork, alcohol, or bacon.

Baby Meal (BBML): For infants under 1 year.

Child Meal for Infant (CHMLI): For infants under 2 years.

Child Meal (CHML): For children under 12 years.

Child Meal Asian (CHMLA): Asian-style for children under 12 years.

Child Meal Vegetarian (CHMLV): Vegetarian for children under 12 years.

Book your special meal here.


Singapore Airlines’ “Book the Cook” program allows passengers traveling in premium classes (First Class, Business Class, Suites Class, and Premium Economy) to pre-order their preferred meals from an extensive menu. This service offers a wide range of gourmet dishes created by renowned chefs and is available on selected routes.

There are up to 68 meal choices to select from (depending on your flight departure) with options such as Lobster Thermidor, Singapore Chicken Satay, Nasi Lemak and many more.

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To “Book the Cook” follow these steps:

Visit the Singapore Airlines website.

Go to the “Manage booking” page.

Provide your booking reference number and your last name.

Choose your upcoming flight.

Browse the available meal options and make your selection.

You can view the entire menu available for your next flight with Singapore Airlines here.


Singapore airlines meals are renowned for being some of the best in the skies. Business-class customers can pre-order their favourite dish using the ‘Book the Cook’ service, while younger passengers in premium cabins select their favourite kid’s meal. The airline works with a number of restaurants and chefs around the world to bring some fantastic dishes to your tray table.

Once onboard you will be offered a choice of Champagne, juice and water before departure. Inflight menus will offer a wide range of meal choices, commencing with appetisers, main meals, and then followed by cheese and dessert.

Inflight beverages include:

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Champagne | Red Wine | White Wine | Campari | Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky | Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon | Martell VSOP Cognac | Beefeater Gin | Smirnoff Red Label Vodka | Bacardi Superior Rum | Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge | Baileys Irish Cream | International Beers and Stout


Coke | Coke Light | Coke Zero | 7UP | Ginger Ale | Soda Water | Bitter Lemon | Singapore Sling | Screwdriver | Bloody Mary | Bailey’s White Russian | Mocktails | Orange Juice | Apple Juice | Pineapple Juice | Tomato Juice | Coffee | Black Tea | Green Tea | Peppermint Tea

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