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Does Lufthansa provide free meals?

Yes, Lufthansa provides free meals on long-haul flights in economy class. However, they operate a buy-on-board program on short and medium flights across Europe.

Short Flights (max 30 minutes): Passengers receive a Lufthansa chocolate.

Short flights (max 60 minutes): Lufthansa chocolate and water.

European flights (over 60 minutes): The Onboard Delights paid meal program offers a selection of meals and snacks crafted from sustainably sourced, fresh regional ingredients.

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Onboard Delights

The onboard delights program features sustainably sourced, fresh regional ingredients that are available for purchase.

Breakfast items start at €3.50 and lunch items from €5.90. There’s a focus on fresh, healthy, and sustainable food products.

More information about the menu can be found here.


Does Lufthansa provide special meals?

Yes, Lufthansa provides special meals in economy class on flights over 185mins and in business class on flights over 75mins. They must be ordered 24 hours before departure.

Does Lufthansa carry baby meal products onboard?

Yes, some stock is available onboard and includes baby jar foods. There is no need to order these types of meals.

How do I book my special meal on Lufthansa?

Simply follow this guide.

Special meals available for pre-order include:

Gluten-Free Meal: Suitable for those with gluten intolerance; contains no gluten-based ingredients.

Low-Cholesterol Diet: Contains less than 100 mg of cholesterol, no animal fats, and no egg yolks.

Low-Sodium Diet: Suitable for cardiovascular and renal issues; salt-free, low-fat, non-bloating, and alcohol-free.

Lactose-Free Meal: Prepared without lactose-containing ingredients.

Jain Meal (Vegetarian): Follows Indian Jainism customs, excluding meat, egg products, onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, and root vegetables.

Vegan Meal: Contains no meat, fish, alcohol, dairy, or eggs.

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Vegetarian Meal (Lacto-Ovo): Free from meat or fish but may include eggs and dairy products like milk.

Vegetarian-Asian (Indian) Meal: Prepared without meat and seasoned in the Indian style.

Hindu Meal (Non-Vegetarian): Contains fish, lamb, mutton, goat, or poultry and may include root vegetables.

Kosher Meal: Strictly kosher food prepared under rabbinical supervision.

Muslim Meal: Free from pork, game, and alcohol, with all meat and poultry certified as halal.

Baby: Lufthansa stocks baby/toddler food jars such as soups, and mini sausages and are available while supplies last. There is no need to order these.

Child: Can be ordered up to 24 hours before departure.

Book your special meal here via the manage my flight option.


Long Haul

In Lufthansa’s Business Class, you can expect multiple options for each course during your flight, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Appetizers: include a choice of three options.

Main Courses: Up to three choices

Plus cheese and dessert.

A cold express option is available if you need more time to work or relax.

Business Class Wine Selection

White Wines: 2022 Riesling Schiefersteil from Markus Molitor, the 2021 Chardonnay from Kaiken, or the 2022 Little Ripples Sauvignon Blanc from Wine to Water.

Red Wines: 2015 Château German from Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux or the 2020 Aussimento Double Pass Shiraz from Byrne Vineyards. There’s also the 2021 Obra Malbec Reserva from Bodega Septima.

Champagne: Lanson’s Champagne.

Short Haul

The Heimat meal program is offered on Lufthansa business class flights within Europe. The airline features various cusines from around Germany with the current focus on dishes from Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Bremen.


All meals in first class are created in two monthly cycles, and all have been awarded Michelin stars or toques. Lufthansa offers a first-class caviar service during the day and evening flights as a separate course. Top chefs from exclusive restaurants around the world work together to create the dishes for first-class passengers.

Inflight Menu

You can find out what’s on the menu before your flight right here.


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