Short & Medium Haul Economy Class

Flights under 50 mins no service.

Flights from 50 to 150 mins bottled water will be provided.

Flights from 150 to 180 mins a snack and drink service will be provided.

Flight from 180 mins will receive a vegetarian sandwich and special meal orders are available on these flights.

Long Haul Economy Class

It’s still possible to pre-order special meals if required. Scaled-back meal service is offered, there is no meal choice in economy class, however, the dish will be vegetarian, drinks service offered.

Pre-order upgrade meals for economy class can not be ordered at this time.


Lufthansa meals are included in the price of your ticket, on short and medium-haul European flights, economy class offerings will vary and may include sandwiches, muffins, cakes on short flights and hot meals on longer services.

To get an idea of the economy class menu offerings, please check here.

Upgrade Meals

Economy and premium economy class customers can pay to upgrade their inflight meal. Meals prices range from €15 to €25 depending on the menu selected. Currently, the meals are only available on flights from New York (Newark), Chicago, Los Angeles or Washington DC to Frankfurt or Munich.

€15 Buger
Beef cheeseburger with coleslaw and chips, served with a pecan brownie for dessert.

€15 Aroma of Asia
A glass noodle and cashew nut salad on a sesame and soy dressing, followed by Thai chicken curry, stir-fried vegetables and jasmine rice. For dessert a mango and passion fruit ragout on coconut crème.

€15 Healthy Selection
Entree of chickpea and matcha salad served with red vegetable curry on quinoa. A chia seed and mango mousse for dessert.

€19 Mediterranean Delights
A three-course meal consisting of Mediterranean delicacies – fresh leaf salad with balsamic dressing, sautéed king prawns and artichokes on spaghetti in a tomato and basil sauce. For dessert a tiramisu.

€19 Viennese Classic
Veal Wiener schnitzel with cranberries and potato and cucumber salad. Chocolate mousse for dessert.

€19 Italian
Entree of tomato and mozzarella with basil dressing. Truffle ravioli with mixed mushrooms and asparagus. Tiramisu for dessert.

€25 Classic Cuisine
Orange and fennel salad with dill as a starter and grilled beef fillet steak with peppercorn jus, green beans and potato gratin. For dessert a Bavarian cream dessert with raspberry sauce.

To order simply use the manage my booking function.

lufthansa meditteranean delights meal


Should be ordered up to 24 hours before departure and only available in economy class on flights over 185mins and in business class on flights over 75mins.

Meal options for order include Diabetic, Gluten-Free, Reduction Food, Low cholesterol, Low sodium, Lactose-Free, Vegetarian, Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo, Vegetarian Asian/Indian, Fruit Platter, Light Whole Food, Meat without fish, Child Meal, Kosher, Muslim and Hindu (Non-Veg).

Book your special meal here via the manage my flight option.

More information on special meals on Lufthansa can be found here.


Long Haul

On night flights departing after 8 pm with a flight time of six to eight hours, the airline has introduced a shortened inflight service allowing passengers to sleep more. If you miss breakfast because of sleep or work, the airline will serve a last-minute breakfast just before landing.

Short & Medium Haul

Full meals are served on all flights on real china with proper napkins. For trips over 75 minutes, passengers can expect additional sweet treats, fresh fruit or ice cream.

Inflight Menu

You can find out what’s on the menu before your flight right here.


All meals in first class are created in two monthly cycles, and all have been awarded Michelin stars or toques. Lufthansa offers a first-class caviar service during the day and evening flights as a separate course. Top chefs from exclusive restaurants around the world work together to create the dishes for first-class passengers.

Inflight Menu

You can find out what’s on the menu before your flight right here.


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